"A national motorcycle club to provide a fraternal, social and non-profit club for active, life, exempt, retired or associate fire department members to promote and educate fire prevention and motorcycle safety."

Connecticut Chapter 1 Club Info

The Riders of Fire Motorcycle Club, Connecticut 1 was established in 2004 by 10 "founding fathers." The purpose of the club was for the love of motorcycles, riding together to places unknown and the shared brotherhood of firefighting. The rules of the road are respected on rides, and when our colors are donned we represent our club as well as the emergency services community.

All prospective members must serve in a probationary period. Probies are only allowed to have the bottom rocker of the club colors and must wear it. Probies receive full colors only if the probation time is completed (3 to 12 months) and the club members vote him/her in as a full member. All members must wear their colors during all rides and events. Any make motorcycle is welcome but must be 600cc or greater.

The club is proud to have organized a number of fundraising events for causes such as Katrina victims, scholarship programs and people with serious illnesses.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Riders of Fire, click the application link for more information. Only firefighters (past or present) are eligible to wear full colors. If you're not a firefighter, we have associate memberships. Contact us for more information. The Riders of Fire Connecticut 1 is not into numbers, we’re into brotherhood!

Lastly, we involve our families in all our rides and events and are thankful to them for their love and support. Without them we wouldn’t be able to do what we do.

Doug “Goose” Hoyt
Riders of Fire Motorcycle Club - Connecticut 1